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Bungie “committed” to addressing demands for trans-inclusive healthcare

Firm working with Trans@Bungie group after designer flags being denied gender-affirming surgery by Destiny studio's health insurance provider

By James Batchelor

CEO says Embracer "will not change in any way" after Saudi Arabia $1bn investment

Lars Wingefors explains the rationale for accepting investment from Savvy Gaming Group

By James Batchelor

EA won't make public statement on abortion rights

Publisher says it will only speak out when there's a "consistent perspective" shared by all staff

By James Batchelor

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Sony donates $100,000 to reproductive rights charity but forbids public statements

Donation led by Insomniac Games after criticism over CEO Jim Ryan's internal message on abortion rights

By James Batchelor

How studios support their devs in wartime

From the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the civil war in Yemen to military rule in Myanmar, developers are adapting to conflict around the world

By Alexis Ong

Games industry rallies behind Ukraine in face of Russian invasion

Update: Wargaming ceases business operations in Russia and Belarus, Riot donates $5.4 million in total

By GamesIndustry Staff

Tencent cutting off Chinese gamers' access to foreign games

May 31 update to internet acceleration app will only support games operating in China

By James Batchelor

The industry's response to the invasion of Ukraine | Podcast

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses Epic's acquisition of Bandcamp

By GamesIndustry Staff

Games firms opposing Russia are cutting off a $3.4bn market

Analysts help us contextualise the impact of sales bans by Microsoft, EA, Take-Two and more

By James Batchelor

Nintendo delays Advance Wars remake indefinitely amid Ukraine invasion

Switch strategy game had already been pushed back to Advance Wars, on hold until further notice

By James Batchelor

Sanctions prevent Twitch from paying Russian streamers

Streaming site is asking content creators to provide alternative payment details, will pay missed income when restrictions lift

By James Batchelor

Take-Two halts sales, marketing and more in Russia and Belarus

Company behind Grand Theft Auto 5, the third most played game in Russia, expresses support for Ukraine

By James Batchelor

Epic Games ceases commerce with Russia but keeps communication open

Fortnite firm is the latest in a growing line of publishers to take a stance against invasion of Ukraine

By James Batchelor

Russian Nintendo eshop put in maintenance mode amid wave of firms cutting all sales

Nintendo attributes halting of digital game sales to issue with payment processing

By James Batchelor

Activision Blizzard is the latest company to cut off Russian market

Call of Duty and Candy Crush firm is also doubling employee donations to relief efforts, has raised over $300,000 so far

By James Batchelor

InGameJob calls on companies to help hire games professionals fleeing Ukraine

Recruitment site also seeking firms willing to help with housing, relocation and financial aid

By James Batchelor

PlayStation seemingly cancels Gran Turismo 7 launch in Russia

Racing game was due to debut today, but is unavailable to buy through the Russian PlayStation Store

By James Batchelor

The Medium developer Bloober Team also pulls all sales from Russia, Belarus

Ban will first come into effect on Steam, but will apply to all other platforms

By James Batchelor

Wargaming fires World of Tanks' creative director following pro-Russia statements

Company pauses advertising in Ukraine, donates $1 million to Ukrainian Red Cross

By Vikki Blake

What does the future hold for Germany's games policy? | Opinion

German games trade body boss Felix Falk ponders the implications of the post-Merkel era

By Felix Falk

EA will not sell The Sims 4 wedding pack in Russia due to laws against same-sex marriage

Sims team says add-on will not be released anywhere that federal laws would require changes to storytelling

By James Batchelor

Over 200 Chinese games firms reportedly vow to self-regulate in face of new restrictions

Statement from state-backed gaming association suggests firms will use facial recognition to identify minors

By James Batchelor

China trials website for public to report games violating new restrictions

Players encouraged to identify games that don't require real name registration or implement time and spending limits

By James Batchelor

Shipwright Studios cuts ties with Tripwire Interactive over president's anti-abortion views

Update: Chivalry 2 creator Torn Banner Studios also distances itself from Tripwire

By James Batchelor

POC in Play highlights South Asian talent with SAHM 100 list

Organization celebrates South Asian Heritage Month to highlight devs "who are often hidden behind the scenes"

By Jeffrey Rousseau

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