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Bungie sues Destiny 2 player for cheating, threatening employees online

Lawsuit accuses streamer of evading bans, as well as multiple violations of the firm's Limited Software Licence Agreement

By Danielle Partis

The LEGO Group's vision for building better digital playgrounds | Playable Futures

A new digital future means a new approach to empowering and protecting children, says The LEGO Group's Anna Rafferty

By Will Freeman

Court dismisses class-action antitrust lawsuit against PlayStation Store

But consumers who argue Sony selling digital games solely through its own platform can file an amended complaint

By James Batchelor

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UK Government demands games companies protect children from loot boxes, but stops short of legislation

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport says that loot box customers are more likely to suffer gambling-related harms

By Christopher Dring

Making subscription platforms work | Opinion

Harbottle & Lewis' Kostya Lobov weighs up the factors developers should consider when trying to get their game included in a subscription service

By Kostyantyn Lobov

Apple, Google under pressure as EU approves Digital Markets Act

New legislation due to come into force this autumn, expected to loosen platform holders' control over iOS and Google Play

By James Batchelor

Quebec devs fear new language law will hurt local games industry

Bill 96 requires immigrants to access government services only in French after six months, business to draft contracts in French

By Brendan Sinclair

Game devs speak up for abortion rights

Studios and organizations across the industry condemn US Supreme Court decision allowing criminalization of abortion, commit to support employees, share fundraising links

By Brendan Sinclair

Saber Interactive accuses Spintires publisher Oovee Games of defamation

Ongoing battle between two companies also encompasses debate over payments for simulator's solo developer

By James Batchelor

Report: 79% of games industry workers support unionisation

UNI Global Union surveyed workers from 29 countries, majority face low pay, discrimination, more

By Danielle Partis

Microsoft and CWA enter labor neutrality agreement

Union drops objections to Activision Blizzard acquisition after Xbox maker commits to five provisions regarding the Call of Duty maker's employees

By Brendan Sinclair

Activision Blizzard recognises Raven QA testers' union and will begin negotiations

CEO Bobby Kotick confirms what he is legally obligated to do, pledges good faith negotiations

By James Batchelor

EU mandates USB Type-C chargers for mobile devices, handheld consoles

Device makers have until fall of 2024 to adopt the standard for all small and medium-sized portable electronics

By Brendan Sinclair

Tim Sweeney warns against Fortnite cryptocurrency scam

CEO says "Epic's lawyers are on it" and decries "marketplaces that enable this kind of thing"

By James Batchelor

Keywords Edmonton staff vote for a union

Outsourcing firm accepts vote of staffing working out of BioWare as labor organizers score a win in Canada

By Brendan Sinclair

US advocacy groups call on FTC to investigate FIFA loot boxes

Coalition of 15 organizations believes Ultimate Team violates rules around unfair and deceptive practices

By Brendan Sinclair

Loot boxes have mostly avoided the hammer of legislation - for now | Opinion

The launch of Diablo Immortal highlights how the momentum has gone out of legislative efforts against loot boxes, but it's far too early to get complacent.

By Rob Fahey

Certain Affinity will pay to move its devs out of places hostile to their rights

In wake of anti-trans legislation and leak of Supreme Court decision on abortion, Texas developer pledges to cover costs of relocation for full-time staff

By Brendan Sinclair

Blizzard faces poposed class-action lawsuit over Hearthstone card packs

Suit argues packs deceive minors into making non-refundable purchases, Blizzard attempting to move case to another court

By James Batchelor

New York AG investigating Twitch, Discord role in Buffalo shooting

Letitia James also looking into 4chan and 8chan, saying the terror attack "again revealed the depths and dangers of these platforms that spread and promote hate without consequence"

By Brendan Sinclair

Capcom scales back divisive Street Fighter esports licensing rules

Publisher removes or extends prize pool and sponsorship limits, allows spectator fees and video/photo capture of events

By James Batchelor

Activision Blizzard calls for court to dismiss DFEH lawsuit

Call of Duty publisher says Department failed to investigate properly, has unfairly damaged its reputation

By James Batchelor

US District Judge says that Valve will face antitrust ligation

Judge Coughenour said that Wolfire Games' "allegations are sufficient to plausibly allege unlawful conduct"

By Jeffrey Rousseau

New York sues Activision Blizzard over Microsoft acquisition

City pension fund and shareholder alleges Bobby Kotick rushed the sale process to avoid fallout from scandals

By Brendan Sinclair

Activision Blizzard receives new NLRB complaint

Communications Workers of America files suit that alleges employees received threats for discussing its lawsuit on discord

By Jeffrey Rousseau

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