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Christopher Dring is a games business veteran, beginning in QA in 2007 before joining UK busines publication MCV in 2007. He rose up to editor, a role he held for five years, before joining as publisher in 2016. He has contributed to Develop, BBC, The Observer and Sky News. He's also the architect behind events such as the 100, the Marketing Summit and the Best Places To Work Awards. He is currently head of B2B for all of ReedPop, which covers, b2b events at PAX and EGX, plus other special projects. He also frequently writes for Doctor Who Magazine. Because Doctor Who is awesome.

Recent articles by Christopher Dring

Revolutionising the farming genre with mechs: "Big robots don't have to fight Godzilla to be cool"

New studio Frame Break and partner Amplifier discuss farming survival game Lightyear Frontier

By Christopher Dring

PlayStation continues esports expansion with acquisition

The technology platform will continue to support all games consoles after acquisition

By Christopher Dring

The games industry is given one more shot to fix its loot box problem | Opinion

The big games companies must get behind Government recommendations and support the new Video Game Research Framework

By Christopher Dring

UK Government demands games companies protect children from loot boxes, but stops short of legislation

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport says that loot box customers are more likely to suffer gambling-related harms

By Christopher Dring

Jade Raymond's Haven Studio is already inspiring other PlayStation studios - and not just with its game

The games veteran discusses building a studio in the cloud, and working with PlayStation architect Mark Cerny

By Christopher Dring

How do you solve a problem like E3? | Opinion

In 2023, ReedPop is tasked with bringing E3 back to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Here's what we're up against

By Christopher Dring

Mario + Rabbids could be this Christmas' Luigi's Mansion | Opinion

In a slightly quieter year for first-party games, Ubisoft might have the big Switch game of Christmas (after Pokémon)

By Christopher Dring

"We want to be proud of Battlefield 2042"

The new head of EA DICE discusses the studio's transformation into a live service business

By Christopher Dring

What has happened to all the video games?

As the industry braces itself for a quiet 2022, and with more major games getting delayed, we ask developers about the challenges they are facing

By Christopher Dring

Xbox's Riot Games deal was the biggest announcement yesterday | Opinion

Microsoft continues to grow its mobile and PC business through free-to-play

By Christopher Dring

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick agrees with PlayStation's subscription plan

The publishing boss says that subscriptions can make sense for catalogue products

By Christopher Dring

Xbox pre-event briefing shows it building for life beyond the console

Ahead of its upcoming showcase, Xbox focuses on streaming and PC

By Christopher Dring

E3 and the death of shock reveals | Opinion

Publishers will need to go deeper to deliver the surprises

By Christopher Dring

Two Point Studios: "We will stay boutique for as long as we possibly can"

Ahead of Two Point Campus, the developer discusses Sega, delays, winning over five million players, and what comes next

By Christopher Dring

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