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Jeffrey Rousseau joined in March 2021. Based in Florida, he was a freelancer writer whose work focused on the intersectionality of games and media across multiple publications. He likes to learn about things and how people are finding solutions to problems, both big and small. When not playing games he likes to read, listen to podcasts, stay informed, or all the above at once.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift has amassed $500m in global revenue

China accounts for 72% of total player spending following its October 2021 launch

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Robert Alan Koeneke, creator of The Dungeons of Moria, has passed away

Developer only released one game, but his work went on to inspire other titles such as Diablo

By Jeffrey Rousseau

British Film Institute opens applications for the UK Global Screen Fund

The initiative aims to support eligible UK entertainment companies, including those creating narrative video games

Activision Blizzard staffers protest in support of employee abortion rights

The walk out in response to the Roe vs Wade reversal also calls on the Call of Duty maker to recognize various demands

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Mattel hires Mike DeLaet as its new global head of digital gaming

The long time games industry vet will lead the company's efforts to ramp up its digital gaming product offerings

By Jeffrey Rousseau

FIFA 23 will exclude Russian teams

EA attributes the decision to the invasion of Ukraine, the action follows the company's removal of Russian teams from FIFA 22

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Minecraft rejects NFTs and blockchain to ensure "a safe and inclusive experience"

New statement explains that the technology would create "digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion"

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Naughty Dog alum Bruce Straley announces Wildflower Interactive studio

Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us director says the new studio "culture needs to be as iterative as the way we make games"

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Google to allow alternative payment systems for non-gaming apps

Additionally, when a consumer uses an alternative payment option, developers will pay a reduced service fee

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Take-Two issues statement of support for staff affected by Roe vs Wade reversal

Publisher also announces adoption of the Maven benefits platform to provide employees and their dependents more support

By Jeffrey Rousseau

A group of Blizzard Albany staffers file for union election with the NLRB

The team of 20 said that it strives to foster work environments where QA employees are respected and compensated for their roles in game development

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Screen Australia's Games: Expansion Pack fund to donate AU $4m to game creators

The program aims to support 31 small to midsized studios with project budgets under $500,000

By Jeffrey Rousseau

InnoGames shares salary transparency report as "a matter of fairness"

German games firm publishes earnings for a range of junior and senior positions

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Games for Change awards Dot's Home 2022 Game of the Year

The Weathered Sweater and Rise-Home Stories Project title exploring US housing inequality for people of color also wins Best Narrative

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Russian tech giants in talks to create a national game engine

The proposed development resource may take billions of Russian Rubles to fund

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Sony's purchase of Bungie is now finalized

Bungie said "We remain in charge of our destiny. We will continue to independently publish and creatively develop our games"

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima has sold nearly 10m units globally

The open world Samurai-inspired adventure reaches the milestone two years following its launch

Embracer has spent $2m on its retro games archive to date

The gaming firm says that it currently has 50,000 games, consoles, and accessories in its possession

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Chinese regulators fine Shanghai-based game publisher $163,000

Authorities seized the revenue generated from all seven unlicensed games the firm published

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Mobile games earned $41.2bn globally during H1 2022

While mobile game revenue was down 6.6% year-over-year, downloads were up 0.4% as they reached 28.1 billion

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge sells 1m units globally

Dotemu, Tribute Games, and Nickelodeon's arcade beat-em up reaches the sales milestone a month after release

Nintendo Japan formally acknowledges same-sex marriage

Company's introduction of a partnership system section also prohibits discriminatory comments based upon sexual orientation and gender identity

By Jeffrey Rousseau

IronSource to merge with Unity

IronSource's CEO Tomer Bar-Zeev, will join Unity's board of directors and executive leadership team

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Bandai Namco attacked by hacker group

UPDATE: Publisher confirms unauthorised access by third party, is investigating the cause and extent of damage

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Israeli digital gaming revenue valued at $8.6bn during 2021

The market also accounted for 5% of total global video game consumer spending of that same year

By Jeffrey Rousseau

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