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If indie games are underreported, mobile games must be invisible | Opinion

Big Games Machine's director James Kaye debunks myths surrounding the mobile industry

By James Kaye

Diablo Immortal reaches 20m installs

Blizzard's mobile title initially released on June 2

By Marie Dealessandri

Opera and GameMaker launch free mobile web games publishing platform enables developers to bring games to iOS and Android via browsers at no additional cost

By James Batchelor

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Unity's $4.4bn malware mistake? | This Week In Business

The engine provider is trying to grow beyond games, but its latest deal may have alienated swathes of its longest-running customer base

By James Batchelor

Unity CEO: Devs who push back against monetisation can be “brilliant” but also “fucking idiots”

John Riccitiello also says more than half the staff affected by recent layoffs have been rehired elsewhere in the company

By James Batchelor

The Diablo is in the details | This Week in Business

Why don't free-to-play publishers want to talk about how their business model actually works?

By Brendan Sinclair

Lumi Interactive CEO on making the world (and games) a kinder place

Lauren Clinnick discusses the studio's origin, its debut plant management game, and improving the industry for everyone

By Danielle Partis

NetEase invests "several million dollars" in Polish VR studio

Lodz-based Something Random is to release its debut title in 2023

By Marie Dealessandri

Google settles class action lawsuit with $90 million fund

Funds to be divided among US developers who earned $2 million or less in annual revenue through Google Play from 2016 to 2021

By Marie Dealessandri

Diablo Immortal's first month earnings near $50m

Spending peaked on Day 10 with Blizzard earning $2.4 million, 30-day downloads reached 10 million

By James Batchelor

AppLovin and Adjust lay off 12% of their workforce

A spokesperson for the mobile firms talked about "a difficult and prudent decision"

By Marie Dealessandri

Fire Emblem Heroes first Nintendo mobile title to hit $1bn in spending

Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp tied as Nintendo's second most successful mobile games

By Marie Dealessandri

Building an Exploding Kittens transmedia universe

Elan Lee talks about making a mobile game for Netflix and the company's ultimate aspirations

By Brendan Sinclair

Sowing the seeds of stability: Ten years of Supercell's Hay Day

Game lead Stephan Demirdjian, designer Camilla Avellar and artist Sari Latvala discuss the lifespan of the farming hit

By Danielle Partis

505 Games parent acquires D3 Go

Digital Bros consolidates ownership of Puzzle Quest franchise with purchase of Marvel Puzzle Quest publisher

By Brendan Sinclair

Lumi Interactive raises $6.75m

Melbourne-based studio currently working on 'crowdhealing' mobile game set to launch later this year

By Danielle Partis

Report: Working in VR leads to more frustration and task load

New study finds working in a virtual reality environment to be more stressul

By Marie Dealessandri

PlayStack acquires ex-EA developers' mobile studio Magic Fuel Games

San Francisco-based outfit is focused on city builders, team previously worked on SimCity

By James Batchelor

Loot boxes have mostly avoided the hammer of legislation - for now | Opinion

The launch of Diablo Immortal highlights how the momentum has gone out of legislative efforts against loot boxes, but it's far too early to get complacent.

By Rob Fahey

Candivore raises $10m

Studio behind Match Masters has amassed $22 million in funding to date, aims to make more multiplayer titles

By Danielle Partis

Supercell acquires majority stake in Trailmix

The mobile giant has invested $60 million in the London studio

By Marie Dealessandri

Global gaming market to hit $222 billion this year -

Market data firm sees mobile continuing to drive industry growth even as experiences become more console-like

By Brendan Sinclair

Charting the evolution of social instant gaming

Gismart's Alexey Avdey explores how developers and publishers can make the most of the social instant gaming opportunity

By Alexey Avdey

Tappx acquires From The Bench brand

The adtech company is looking to diversify its strategy and enter the mobile games market

By Marie Dealessandri

TikTok testing gaming functionality - Report

Social media platform has been running trials in Vietnam, could roll out to more markets in third quarter

By Brendan Sinclair

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